FEATURED POST: Roxanne’s Kitchen – 100% Natural, High Quality Dog Treats

Every good dog owner usually has an arsenal of treats. Treats are essential and used for training, building a rapport, or gaining your canine companion’s trust. Whenever I meet a foster dog, I always bring treats with me to establish a friendly, safe relationship. I have learned that not all treats are alike. Just as humans can make choices of snacks (Cookies vs. Apple), dog treats should be viewed similarly. As a foster parent, I have seen a plethora of unsightly issues with my foster dogs ranging from skin and coat issues (mange and dandruff), fleas, bad breath, and tummy troubles. They also often come to me very scared or overstimulated from transport. Many of these issues can be cured through proper nutrition, including a healthy, tasty treat.

roxanne1This week, Realm of Vibes has the pleasure of featuring Roxanne’s Kitchen. The owner, Christina, makes 100% all-natural, hand-crafted pet treats. She sells them online, and in pet stores in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. (I am working on NJ, Christina!) Her story started when she adopted a malnourished four-week-old Chihuahua, Roxanne. One morning, Christina woke up and found Roxanne to be listless. She wasn’t going to the bathroom or eating. Knowing something was very wrong, Christina rushed Roxanne to the veterinarian, where she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Christina told the veterinarian that she gave Roxanne a few treats before bedtime. Little did she know that those generic treats almost killed her precious dog. After that, Christina went to work making 100% natural, holistic treats. Her small home business has now transpired into Roxanne’s Kitchen. All treats from Roxanne’s Kitchen are 100% natural, made with no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, fillers, or ingredients. They are non-GMO and gluten free.



Christina believes strongly in dog rescue, so she donates 10% of all proceeds to no-kill shelters around the United States. I told Christina that I foster abused and neglected dogs, and wanted to feature her on Realm of Vibes, so she sent me two bags of Silky Smooth treats to try with Bailey and my foster dog, Heath.

Roxanne’s Kitchen’s Silky Smooth treats include salmon, oatmeal, and coconut oil. Each bag is 12 oz., which equates to approximately 25-30 large heart shaped treats, or approximately 50 small treats. I’m not going to lie, they smelled so good, I had to refrain from taking a nibble. The salmon is a good source of protein and omega fatty acids. They also contain Vitamin C, which helps immunity. Heath came to me with Demodex, so the Silky Smooth treats have everything he needs to help heal his sensitive skin.

20170117_154327Bailey, my dog, started sniffing the package as soon as the treats came through the door. She smelled the goodness. Heath, my foster dog, hides under the table, so when I opened the package and gave him a treat, he ran out from under the table, tail wagging, wanting more. Needless to say, both of my dogs could have eaten the whole package. Roxanne’s Kitchen’s Silky Smooth treats are the perfect size, perfect texture (not too soft or hard), and are extremely appetizing to both of my dogs. I feel good giving them something healthy.



Roxanne’s Kitchen’s offers a variety of dog treat options, such as Plain Jane (diabetic approved) treats, Chillin’ Relaxation treats, Flea Buster treats, “Hippies” Joint Support treats, “Pee-Pee Protector” urinary health treats, “Pearly Whites” Breath Buster treats, “Immune Miracle” treats, “Swimmin’ Skinny” Weight Maintaining Sea Blend treats, “Growin’ Youngins” Puppy treats, “Belly Boosters” digestive treats, “Itch Saver” hypoallergenic treats, festive doggy donuts, 100% Natural Farm Raised Chicken & Beef Jerky, Anna’s Banana Chips, and Sweet Potato slices.


Silky Smooth treats

Roxanne’s Kitchen’s website is super simple to navigate. On the front page, you can access purchasing dog treats, cat treats, the monthly treat-box club, and apparel and accessories. Dog and cat treats range from $10.99-$15.99. You can choose to sign up for the monthly treat-box club (packages are 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months), and purchase Roxanne’s Kitchen t-shirts. Make sure you visit Roxanne’s Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.

Realm of Vibes and Roxanne’s Kitchen have teamed up to offer our loyal readers and customers 20% off all purchases. Use promocode ROVROX during checkout.


Disclosure: I received Roxanne’s Kitchen’s treats complimentary in return for a featured post on Realm of Vibes and social media platforms. All opinions within are honest and authentic. Have you considered featuring your business or service on Realm of Vibes? Please visit my Collaborate page or e-mail realmofvibesdg@gmail.com to get started. 

11 thoughts on “FEATURED POST: Roxanne’s Kitchen – 100% Natural, High Quality Dog Treats

  1. Thanks for the post! Always willing to try new treats for my dogs – especially when they are made with ❤️ Danielle – thanks for bringing awareness to abandoned and abused dogs! I always look forward to reading your blog posts. Keep them coming – you have so much to say on such a sad, untalked about topic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so very much! I know your doggies would feel the love put into these treats. I had to hide them in the closet because Bailey loves to try to knock them off the countertop…she would eat the entire bag! I really appreciate your support and look forward to writing more!


  2. This is very cool! Tbh, I never thought of what was in treats. We are sorta picky with what we give Kubota and I feel I could give him these with no worries! Being a health and wellness coach myself, why have I not thought about looking for all natuaral treats for my love!? Thanks Danielle!!


    • Right? You could actually see the ingredients in the treat (and read what’s on the label) which makes me feel comfortable feeding it to the dogs. I want them to live a long, healthy life too! Thank you for reading and commenting, Stacey! It means a lot to me!


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