Charity Spotlight: Creative Chaos CMP

I am obsessed with blankets. I love cuddling up on the couch with a good book and hot cup of coffee. I met Connie from a local garage sale site on Facebook. I think I was collecting donations for Caring Canine Connections, and we engaged in friendly conversation. She and I shared a common interest, helping those in need. Connie sent me a beautiful fleece gray and pink elephant blanket for my almost-here daughter, Emilia. She knows some of the struggles that I have faced during this pregnancy like I know about the hardships she has encountered dealing with her mom going through chemotherapy for cancer treatment. In a cold world, it’s nice to have someone to talk to, confide in, and help you get through another day.

Creative Chaos CMP 4

Connie started Creative Chaos CMP, a project of passion where she helps create blankets for people and/or animals in need, one stitch at a time.

Read our interview below: 

Q) Your mom having cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments inspired you to start making blankets, and ultimately starting Creative Chaos CMP… so where and how did you learn to sew?

A) When I was 12 or 13 years old my Aunt Gee took me under her wing and gave me a couple lessons. Since I didn’t have a sewing machine I lost touch with the skill.

About 3 years ago my husband bought me a sewing machine and I re-taught myself. Before I knew it I was off and sewing! I started by making stuffed bears then progressed to making my own clothing and blankets.

Q) You have helped patients undergoing cancer treatments, dog rescues, and Imprint Hope, a charity for disabled children, what makes these organizations meaningful and purposeful to you?

A) Sometimes something as simple as a blanket can help. At the end of the day, I wanted to give someone or animal something to call their own. Something to snuggle into and forget about how hard life can get.

Q) What is your favorite blanket print? 

A) I really don’t have a favorite print but my favorite fabric to work with is fleece.

Q) How long does one blanket take to make?

A) One blanket (1 yard) double-sided takes me about 15-30 minutes. What I like about my blankets is I can customize them to people’s preferences. If a child likes Paw Patrol and unicorns, I can make a two-sided blanket with those prints.

Q) What could others do to help you give more blankets?

A) I would love for them to share my webpage to increase brand awareness. If they know anyone they think would benefit from a custom blanket, please email me at

Q) What are the next steps for Creative Chaos CMP?

A) My ultimate goal is to inspire others to spread hope through positivity.

Q) What do you tell people who want to start doing charity work?

A) Follow your heart and give what you can, when you can. It’s not about your income, it’s about what is in your heart.

Give Realm of Vibes readers some final words…

The past year has reminded me that life sometimes sucks… But, when someone thinks of you and does an act of kindness it resonates with you, and life can seem a bit better. I thought, maybe, if I can make someone smile and brighten their day, that person will pay it forward and we can start spreading kindness through the world.  I know I can’t change everyone, however, if I can make a least one person smile, then it’s worth it.

Connie of Creative Chaos CMP

Connie of Creative Chaos CMP

Support Connie by visiting her webpage and liking her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you know someone who is in need of a blanket, please e-mail her at

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4 thoughts on “Charity Spotlight: Creative Chaos CMP

  1. Wow- she is so speedy in making those super cute and high quality looking blankets! I used to make tie blankets to give to chemo patients but haven’t done so in a while! Thanks for the motivation to start up again!


    • Connie is truly talented. That is great that you used to make blankets for those undergoing chemo, too and that my post can be of inspiration. The world desperately needs more people like you & Connie.


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