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What companies are saying about being featured on Realm of Vibes:


Thank you so much for your article on Roxanne’s Kitchen. It was absolutely amazing & so well written! We found that a few recent customers we had actually were referred to us from your article! We can’t thank you enough!!  …Can’t wait to read your next article! 

Christina Hammer
Roxanne’s Kitchen

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for featuring us on your blog. We read the post and really enjoyed it. I appreciated that you included so many details about our shop and what we have to offer in a fun, conversational tone that keeps people reading with the right amount of humor…You were very easy to work with and offer a professional, engaging blog to have products featured on. We send very few complimentary products out to be reviewed, and I am glad we opted to have you be one of those few people we work with on that type of platform. Thank you so much for your handwork and featuring us on your blog.

Jamie Lewis
Integrity Bottles

Hey Danielle!

Thanks so much for writing the article on us – it is fantastically written! 🙂 … So pumped about your dogs loving Peacebone!  Really means a lot every time we hear that. Keep in touch! Hopefully, we can continue to work together on things!


Working with Danielle was an absolute pleasure. She has an eye for great products, and she will go beyond expectations to make sure her readers know why she promotes a product.

Will D’Agostino
Nutshell CEO

Hi Danielle,

I just wanted to send a VERY big thank you for your kind words about us throughout your recent blog posts and social media. I think you’ve actually done a better job at describing our products then we even did!! I really appreciate the exposure and lovely very well-written review.

I would love to work with you again in the future and cannot express how grateful I am for your time and effort put toward trying and reviewing our products. I will make sure your blog is shared along with our customers and email list as well. Please let me know if you have any collaboration ideas in the future!

Thank you,
Clothing Refresher

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Danielle. From start to finish, she had been very professional and responsive. Her review was very detailed and informative. It illustrated the fact that she put a lot of thought and research in order to provide a comprehensive review for her readers. I would recommend her to any brand. Look forward to working with Danielle again.

Lili Aromatherapy

Thank you, Danielle, for your wonderful blog post reviewing my pet loss and support program Pet Grief Relief and for sharing the article on all of your social media outlets. I appreciate your excellent writing skills, insight and the way the information was presented. You are funny, smart, knowledgeable and it truly was my honor to be able to work with you as a guest blogger and small business owner on such an important topic. 
Kelly Catalano

Pet Grief Relief

I absolutely loved working with Danielle with my new leashes! She gave a great, honest review on the product and really helped promote it, too! She did a great job taking her own photos and also keeping me updated on her progress. Thank you again!

Ruff Rescue Rope

Danielle is a consummate professional who follows through and goes the extra mile.  It was not only fun to work with her, but the results were a win/win/win for us, the winner of our giveaway and Realm of Vibes. Great job, Danielle!

Mitch Brinton