Aravinda MOJO Aromatherapy Bracelets

Lucky me – I grew up in the era of slap bracelets, pogs, manhunt, and playing outside with other kids on the block until my mother stood on the front steps and screamed for us to come home for dinner. Those were the days…I digress.

When Aravinda asked me to write a review on their MOJO Aromatherapy slap bracelets, I jumped at the opportunity. Since I became a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, I have integrated essential oils into every sense of my wellness and self-care routine.

About Aravinda

Aravinda created MOJO slap bracelets combine color therapy with aromatherapy. Just add 1-2 drops (okay, I added 3) to the bracelet, and enjoy an all-day, lasting therapeutic effect. To wash your bracelet, just use a little soap and water. The MOJO bracelet is surrounded by microfiber, which is nice a soft. There are two middle layers; a waterproof neoprene layer and a stainless steel band, which slaps on your wrist for a comfortable, but snug fit. The neoprene layer prevents any irritation from highly concentrated, or hot oils, like Cinnamon or Oregano.

Aravinda MOJO Bracelets

Used with permission by Aravinda

MOJO Bracelets come in 4 colors.

  • Purple: Blessed, Crown Chakra, Wisdom, Compassion, Creativity
  • Red-Orange: Energized, Root & Spleen Chakra, Vitality, Joy, Courage
  • Green-Blue: Inspired, Heart & Throat Chakra, Balance, Self-Control, Love
  • Indigo: Relaxed, Brow Chakra, Calmness, Intuition, Imagination

Each MOJO bracelet is $14.99 USD.

Aravinda MOJO Bracelets

Used with permission by Aravinda


I added three drops of Cedarwood to the purple MOJO Blessed bracelet. Not only does Cedarwood keep the bugs at bay when I walk my dogs, but it is a super calming scent that helps me relax before a long shift at work.

The MOJO Blessed bracelet is a rich violet color, one that can help me to seek focus, wisdom, compassion, and creativity. All of those qualities I try to possess when I create treatment plans during my full-time job as an occupational therapist. I like how Aravinda integrates color therapy and aromatherapy – innovative concept, and I look forward to wearing more colors in the future.

I can’t help to get a nostalgic feeling as I slap the bracelet around my right wrist. I remove the bracelet and slap my wrist a few times, remembering how my sister and I used to chase each other around slapping each other…and collecting all of the fashionable bracelets that hit the market. The MOJO slap bracelet makes an excellent, useful adult version that is still fun, colorful, and comfortable.

Aravinda MOJO Aromatherapy Bracelets for Essential Oils

Used with permission by Aravinda

doTERRA’s Cedarwood still remains on my bracelet after a long 45-minute walk with my dogs and after an eight-hour shift at work. There is no need to refresh with more essential oils. It is comfortable and doesn’t make me sweat. It has a snug fit – no more or less snug than my FitBit on my left wrist. I found myself sniffing my MOJO bracelet throughout my day, and a few of my coworkers asking me, “What’s that?” only to take a step closer to say, “You smell like the woods.” Thank you. I smell like calm and happiness and feel like my MOJO is renewed.

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MOJO Aromatherapy Bracelets for Essential Oils


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When I was interning as an occupational therapy student in TBI (traumatic brain injury), I had an extremely difficult client who wouldn’t engage in conversation, never mind participate in any of the activities I presented to him. He became increasingly agitated and would smack himself, pound his fists on the table, and shout obscenities at me, disturbing the other therapists and clients. In school, they don’t teach you how to handle these types of situations. Your CI (Clinical Instructor) wants you to think on your feet and watch you adapt to a plethora of uncomfortable, unpredictable situations. They want to see how you keep control of your patient and the dilemma, and observe how you handle stress and aggravation. Fortunately, in this situation, my childhood hobby came into handy.

I knew my client liked Star Wars, so I printed out a few coloring sheets on the computer. I walked over to him, placed a coloring sheet and a box of crayons on the table in front of him, and sat down a few feet away. He looked at me and screamed, “I AIN’T DOIN’ THAT, STUPID!” I defeatedly replied, “Okay.”, and I started coloring my own sheet. After a few minutes, I saw him reach for a crayon. He colored the entire sheet, quietly, without outbursts. Everyone in the room was shocked. I remember one therapist gave me a thumbs up.  I finally got him to engage in a task and act appropriately for thirty minutes. When he finished with the first sheet, he asked me if I had any others. Mission accomplished.

Now, as an occupational therapist, I keep a few coloring books on hand in the therapy gym. I have learned more about my clients when they are coloring and having a bad day than I have trying to get them to do other activities of daily living (ADLs are the basis of OT including dressing, toileting, grooming, hygiene, bed mobility, medication, and home management). Sometimes, as they are coloring, I can get to the bottom of why my client is feeling a certain way, and what may be causing them to have a bad stint in the gym. Life, as we all know, certainly does happen, and sometimes we need to do something relaxing before we jump into more difficult tasks.


work in progress

If you don’t already know, coloring has numerous therapeutic benefits. When my anxiety creeps up, I whip out this small coloring book, 12 Crayola twistable colored pencils, pour myself a nice big cup of coffee, and start coloring. Coloring calms me down, helps me to de-stress, unwind, and unplug. It’s tactile, and I get to choose my color and sheet, which gives me control. I am happy when my page is finished. I don’t stress if I color outside the lines. I could care less if I doodle in the background. Sometimes, I use one or two colors and sometimes I use all twelve. It is creative, quiet, and fun.

As silly as it may sound, coloring is my coping mechanism and a great way for me to self-soothe. It is cheaper than therapy, healthier than a glass of wine, and allows me to retreat to my own personal paradise.

After all, broken crayons still color.