Our Mystic, CT Adventure

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We prepared for our trip to Mystic, CT by watching Mystic Pizza. If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do so for it’s a classic. (Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor…I mean, c’mon!)

When I told Jason I landed a #hosted trip at Hilton Mystic, he looked at me with his sly smile and said, “Well, Danielle, you know what I always say…’You can never go wrong with a Hilton.’” He has literally said that statement since I met him almost 13 years ago. (As a quick aside, before Jason met me, he has been to only a handful of places; I have dragged him to the Caribbean, Europe, and around the USA; he quickly realized he married a woman with a thirst for adventure. When in doubt, book a Hilton.)

We arrived at the Hilton Mystic and checked into our double bedroom. (Thank you to CC & Christine for an easy check-in/out process). Our room was spacious and tidy. The bathroom had a tub shower, which is always helpful for a preschooler. Hilton Mystic has a gym (that I actually got to use), a pool (that plays a movie at 7 PM every weekend), an arts and crafts room (shoutout to Annie & Betsy, you both were so patient and kind to Em), and an on-site restaurant The Irons, which served an amazing breakfast buffet. Hilton Mystic also has a fire pit area and several areas to take pictures. We had our picture taken with the infamous ship’s wheel and pirate.

The first night in Mystic, we went to Mystic Pizza and grabbed a whole pie with meatballs, and two Mystic Pizza lagers. Em had a 6″ kid’s plain pie. Em finished her entire pizza and J and I housed the meatball pie. The dough was sweet, the sauce flavorful, and the meatballs homemade. The brews were ice cold and refreshing after a 3+ hour drive.

Then, we went back to Hilton Mystic and made a sensory bag and some artwork in the craft room, and then watched a movie while splashing in the pool. Pool towels are provided, which is a huge plus. There is a variety of seating options; chaise lounges, tables, and comfortable sofas. The pool water was crystal clear and heated.

Downtown Mystic was the quintessential New England town, filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and ice cream parlors. We got some chocolate and Oreo fudge for dessert. Downtown Mystic has lots to see and do.

The following day, our first stop was the Mystic Aquarium, followed by the Mystic Seaport Museum. Both venues are indoors and outdoors, so if it rains the entire time like it did during our stay, make sure you pack your raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas.

The Mystic Aquarium was super fun and located right across the street from the Hilton Mystic. Emilia enjoyed watching the beluga whales, learning about different types of jellyfish, and viewing Stretch the snapping turtle. She also got to touch string rays and hermit crabs in the touch tanks. We learned so much about the different sea creatures.

The Mystic Seaport Museum blew us away, both figuratively and literally. We loved exploring different ships. (the pictures don’t capture the size of the ships relative to our heights; trust me, they are humungous). Emilia enjoyed the Children’s Museum where she got to play with all of the toys. We also learned historical tidbits about how sails were made, how boats were built, etc. The on-site tavern was a great place to enjoy some local brews and gave us adults a place to kick back and relax and study the map.

Red 36 was our sport for a late lunch/early dinner. I opted for the hot lobster roll and clam chowder. Delicious.

Sift Bakery was where we stopped for dessert and splurged on a cookie and macarons. I understand why Sift came highly recommended. I will be back for more goodies.

Then we took a drive and wound up on DuBois Beach. It was magical. The sea breeze paired with some sunshine was the perfect ending to a day of exploration. Emilia collected rocks. Jason sat on the rocks. I paced the beach in deep thought. It was perfect. I am so lucky to have had this experience with my family.

We scurried back to the Hilton Mystic where Em made a penguin with Annie in the arts and crafts room. Then, we enjoyed another movie in the pool.

The nice part about our Mystic trip was that at the end of a long day, Hilton Mystic was there to entertain Emilia (arts and crafts and the pool) and add comfort to our stay. The beds and pillows were fabulous; I slept like a rock. The on-site restaurant, The Irons, serves breakfast and dinner, perfect for families with littles that need added convenience. The fire pits would have been a great place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine. (Darn rain!) I got an amazing workout in the gym. As most of you know, Jason is a stickler for cleanliness, and our room was cleaned thoroughly, as well as the communal spaces (arts and crafts room, pool, elevator, lobby).

Bottom line: We need to return to Mystic. A weekend was just a taste of all that Mystic, CT has to offer and I am itching for more adventure. Be sure to book your stay at the Hilton Mystic through my link.

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