Practicing Mindfulness: Take the Challenge

Mindfulness. What does being mindful mean to you? To me, it means focusing on one thing at a time. I used to call myself a “Master Multi-tasker.” Over the years, I have shed that title, and have learned to immerse myself into one task at a time. I have less stress and truly enjoy experiencing all of the different sensations and aspects of my task at hand.

Riley from the Spirit and Soul Blog, and I have collaborated on blog posts and a 5-Day Mindfulness Challenge! First, read my five tips for becoming more mindful, then head over to Riley’s post. Sign up here with your e-mail address to take our 5-Day Mindfulness Challenge where we will instruct you on integrating tips and tricks for becoming more mindful in your everyday life.  

So, we begin…

Mindful Eating

Clear your table. Turn off the TV and phone. Prepare your food on your plate. Sit down comfortably. How does it feel to sit? Take ONE bite. How does your food taste? Is it hot or cold? What’s the texture like? Chew slowly and thoroughly. Swallow. Put your fork down. Take a deep breath. Savor your food.

My husband and I used to read bills, text whoever was pinging us, and watch the news. Now, we have a no distraction zone at our dining room table. We sit together, without external resources and devices, enjoy each other’s company, and taste our food.

Mindful Eating

Mindful Exercise

Have you ever gone to a yoga class and the person next to you is on their cell phone? Whenever I enter the gym, I find it comical to see a bunch of zombies walking around with headphones blasting and mobile devices in each hand.

I used to be both of those people. Now, I leave my cell phone in my car during my yoga class. At the gym, I go without my headphones and cell phone. It is so easy to zone out on an elliptical; I want to be present in my workout. I want to feel my body’s movements and be more aware of what’s around me. I learned that I like the gym’s music, too!

Mindful Exercise

Mindful Mornings

My alarm would sound and I would fly out of bed like a bat out of hell. I would begin checking my e-mails, text messages, and calendar. Now, after I turn off my alarm, I sit at the edge of my bed, and take a few moments to acknowledge, and give gratitude for, receiving another beautiful day.

This allows me to be present in the moment.

As I sit on the edge of my bed, I do a full body scan. How do my neck and back feel today? Do I feel well rested, or am I still tired? I take deep, cleansing breaths. I meditate. Now, I am ready to begin my day.

Mindful Grooming

I don’t have an intense grooming routine. I brush my teeth with doTERRA’s On Guard Whitening Toothpaste, floss, and use mouthwash. I run a brush through my hair and affix a messy bun. Simple, right? Try using your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth and hair. What happened? How did you do?

Slow down your grooming routine. Taste the toothpaste and mouthwash. Feel the sensation of the bristles on your teeth and scalp. Look at yourself in the mirror. Take time for you.

I love my showers. Showers can become a sensory experience, inducing feelings of peace and happiness. As you enter, feel the warm water rush over your body. Take a moment to enjoy the scent of your shampoo and body scrub. I love feeling the texture of the body scrub and smelling the aroma of the essential oils. My skin feels so soft and lovely afterward. I love seeing the dirt from the day wash away. I meditate in the shower and take the time to focus on myself, completely surrendering to moments of self-love.

Mindful Driving

During yoga class, an instructor asked, “For those of your who drove, what was your experience like getting here?” Answers ranged from, “Same as always.” “Listened to the radio.” “Rushed.” “Got stuck in traffic.” She proceeded to ask us how we sat in our seat (were we in good anatomical alignment?), whether we had both hands on the wheel (with arms engaged?), and if we practiced Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal lock and breathing technique). We proceeded to review how to integrate mindfulness into driving. These techniques I still use today.

I learned to sit with good alignment, practice breathing, and abdominal holds, have both hands on the wheel, arms engaged, and to turn off the radio. Turn off Bluetooth. Let your call go to voicemail. Pay attention to the road. Let thoughts enter and exit. If the weather is acceptable, roll down your windows. Open your sunroof. Feel the breeze. Do you notice a difference from your normal routine?

Driving Mindfully

Final Thoughts

How are you more mindful? In what ways do you integrate mindfulness into your daily routine?

Don’t forget to sign up for our 5-Day Mindfulness Challenge! It will start July 3!


5 Ways to be Mindful

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Meditation, Peace & Strength

I have practiced yoga since I was thirteen years old. I accompanied my mom to work at a nearby YMCA, where I would take a ninety-minute beginner yoga class with a short, brunette instructor named Mary. I was the youngest person in the class, surrounded by an encouraging, experienced group of yogis. I left before Shavasana every class. One Sunday, before class started, Mary asked to speak with me privately. She asked me to stay for Shavasana and explained the importance of meditation and fully surrendering both my mind and body after a yoga practice. I obliged, but I felt uncomfortable. “I’m just laying here!” I thought. “I could be on the treadmill!” I didn’t know how to meditate. Mary would gently press her index and middle fingers on my temples and quietly whispered, “Relax your mind. Think of nothing.”

I am so honored, and proud to announce, that Seeking OM, a Boston based artisan company, acquired yours truly as a brand ambassador to promote their exquisite crystal & gemstone jewelry. Their jewelry, for both men and women, can heal the 7 chakras and can empower you to be the best version of yourself. When you visit the Seeking OM website, you will be able to customize your own jewelry by stone (Howlite, Tiger’s Eye, Moonstone, Kyanite), style (plain, Buddha, Ganesh, sandalwood, lava stone) and size (small, medium, large). Seeking OM has a great motto: find your journey, find your true self. Their mission is to guide you to find a way of healing your chakra, physical and mental body.


My Amethyst and Ganesh gemstone bracelet has many shades of purple. The crystals absorb, conserve, focus, and emit energy for the set intention. A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal, used for making jewelry. With consistent use, crystals may become saturated with negative energy. It is recommended you re-energize the crystals every four days. To re-energize, you can rest the jewelry under a full moon, under Sun rays, or in brown rice or Himalayan salt. (Dispose of the rice or salt after use.) To clean your jewelry (recommended every two weeks), use a damp cloth (water only), and dry completely. Never submerge your gemstone jewelry, or spray colognes/perfumes, as that will not only damage the crystal/stone, but congest it.


What I love about Seeking OM’s gemstone jewelry is the complexity. Here are the components of the Amethyst and Ganesh gemstone bracelet:

·      Amethyst: protective and powerful stone, purple in color

·      Aides: protects from psychic attacks, turns energy into love, balances highs and lows, excellent for meditation, peace, and strength

·      Chakra: Crown, located at the top of the head, is the state of pure consciousness

·      Ganesh pendant: Hindu God, Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles, both material and spiritual


The Amethyst and Ganesh gemstone bracelet brought me back to my early years as a teenage yogi. Before I donned the bracelet on my wrist, I allowed myself to reflect on my personal growth and development regarding meditation and finding inner peace. My thirteen-year-old self didn’t value Shavasana. Her mind ran wild and she didn’t know how to let her thoughts go. Almost 18 years later, the woman typing this blog values her guided meditation apps, and allocates a few minutes each day to meditate. Before I leave for yoga class, I slip on Seeking OM’s Amethyst and Ganesh gemstone bracelet to serve as a reminder to let it go. And for Shavasana, well, that’s become my favorite pose.


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