Why you NEED a Vacation

I just got back from a long weekend in Lake Placid, New York. I haven’t been on a vacation since August 2016. My husband and I both started new jobs, which comes with new stressors, change, and uncomfortable acclimation. The little things were starting to irritate us; our patience growing thin not only with each other, but with daily life tasks. We needed a break. Whether it be a staycation, a drivable long weekend getaway, or a trip to somewhere exotic, read below why you need a vacation…

Break your Routine

Alarm clock. Coffee. Get ready, commute to work. Work all day. Hit the gym for a super quick workout. Go grocery shopping. Shower. Prepare dinner. Clean something. Throw in a load of laundry. Prepare for the next day. Try to unwind. Sleep. Repeat. Does this sound familiar?

Do you know what my routine was on vacation? Oh wait, there was no routine. None. No alarm clock buzzing in my ear at five thirty AM. No preparing for the next day. No cleaning. I got out of bed when my body wanted to rise. I went to the gym every day at whatever time I wanted to go. I didn’t have to worry about picking up my husband’s dry cleaning or running to the supermarket after my workout. I ate at a new restaurant every meal, not worrying about having to scrub a pile of dishes. I didn’t do one load of laundry. I fixed my hair nicely; I applied makeup. I took a long shower, not worrying about my to-do list. I read a book AND a magazine. I spent quality time with my husband.

Being on vacation allows you a change of routine, habits, and roles, that you need for adequate relaxation and rejuvenation. Sleep in, don’t cook, and sit down and read something other than the monthly bills…

Try Something New

I went for a massage and received a cupping treatment. Cupping is where they use cups to create a suction over your muscles to reduce pain, inflammation, and to promote relaxation and healthy blood flow. I loved it. My back and neck had less tension! I want to continue receiving treatments now that I am home.

My husband and I also hiked two of the 46 high peaks. We tackled and accomplished Cascade and Porter mountains. It was an incredible experience that involved a lot of teamwork and really brought us closer together as a married couple. Hiking the high peaks is no joke, and we were so happy when we realized that we hiked 4,096 feet above sea level together. It was exhilarating and we are so excited to share our adventure with others.

Even if you have a staycation, do something new. Visit a rock climbing gym, experience a cooking class, or get a Reiki treatment.  If you go away, plan an excursion. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and most importantly, have fun.

Hiking in Lake Placid

My husband, at the summit of Cascade Mountain

Take Care of Yourself

I spent time swimming in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, and sweating in the sauna. Swimming is fantastic exercise, the hot tub is super relaxing, and the sauna helps my body rid toxins. I got an hour workout in the gym every day. My husband and I had conversations at dinner other than what needed to be done (around the house, errands, etc). I felt fantastic. We reconnected. Win-win. I also went to the beach and read a book, which was so calming and soothing. Breathing in the fresh lake air, reading a New York Times Bestseller, and sitting with my toes in the sand, while drinking a local craft brew…what could be better?

Try to rejuvenate all your needs when you take a vacation:

  • Mental: read a book, magazine, or newspaper, play a board/card game
  • Physical: go swimming, to the gym, hiking, walk around town, explore your surroundings
  • Emotional: meditate, reconnect with whomever your with
Relaxing in Lake Placid

Relaxing on the beach with a book & a beer in Lake Placid


I’m guilty of being on my phone; but for a few hours each day, I tried to stay off my phone and be one with myself and nature. We are constantly on our electronic devices when we are at home. Give your brain (and fingers) a rest and disconnect from everything! It feels good, trust me!

Nature in Lake Placid

Being one with Cascade Mountain

You’ll Return Happy

When you get home, you’ll be thrilled. You’ll get to sleep in your own bed, bathe in your own shower, and come home to share your stories with family, friends, and pets. You will feel relaxed, rested, and happy. You won’t be ready to return to work, but when you head back into the office, you will remind yourself that working will pay for your next adventure.

Final Thoughts

Take a vacation. You probably need it.

I saw a quotation that stated, “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.” – I’m not there yet. My life is unfortunately not a vacation. I look forward to getting away from my daily habits, roles, and routines to visit new places, try new things, and reconnect with myself and my husband.

When is your next adventure? Where will you go? What will you do? 


PS. Stay tuned to the next post which will feature a Cruelty Free at Home Spa Night – if you can’t take a vacation, you can still feel like you are on vacation!

Why you NEED a Vacation


Top 5 Yoga Poses for Traveling

By Juliette Kopp, Namastay Traveling

Hi friends! I’m Juliette from Namastay Traveling  and am so excited to be sharing with you some of the best yoga poses for traveling here on Realm of Vibes. As a certified yoga instructor, these poses are great for remedying the ailments and discomforts we can experience while seeing the world.

Small airplane seats, poor sleeping habits and an unusual diet can all make you feel less than stellar when abroad. While it’s fun to wake up in a different world with new experiences and routines, it can also throw you off and cause your trip to be more taxing on your body than you might realize. To ensure you get the most out of your travels, this five-pose yoga sequence is just the thing you need to balance your system in new time zones, build strength after sitting for hours on end, and increasing your flexibility and posture to make small cabin seats a bit more comfortable. All you need is a small clear area (like at the end of your hotel bed or outside in a park) to get started. Mat optional!

Disclaimer: while I am a certified yoga teacher, please check with your doctor before performing any of the poses below. As always, listen to your body and modify as necessary.

Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Downward dog strengthens the entire back and shoulder girdle. By lengthening the spine in this extended pose, it takes pressure off the lower back and works to eliminate pain caused by hunching over a seat or standing for long periods of time. Downward dog is also known to decrease anxiety, perfect for if complicated travels or airplane rides tend to freak you out.

How to get into it: Come into a high plank position, then lift your hips up high and towards the back of your mat. Press down with your entire your hand reach your heels to the ground. Gaze towards your shin, ensuring your shoulders are pulled away from your ears. If your hamstrings are tight, gently bend your knees.

Yoga Pose Downward Dog

Yoga Pose Downward Dog

Low Plank (Chaturanga)

This pose can be very challenging as it requires sufficient strength to maintain alignment. This is the perfect pose to build up your strength needed for long hikes, all-day adventures or having to carry heavy luggage.

How to get into it: Start in high plank, roll forward onto your toes as your elbow press against the rib cage at a 90 degree angle. Gaze at the mat directly below you while pulling your shoulders away from your ears. Abdomen engaged, glutes in line with the spine.

Yoga Pose Chataranga

Yoga Pose Chataranga

Camel (Ustrasana)

After sitting for long periods of times, camel pose opens up the hip flexors and chest region. By creating space in the abdomen, camel pose also improves digestion and elimination in case your diet might not be what you’re used to.

How to get into it: Kneel on your mat with knees no wider than your hips. Use your hands to support your lower back as you gently press your hips forward. Arch your upper back while drawing your shoulder blades towards each other. Option to take your hand to your heels to amplify. Come back up to kneeling pose and allow the spine to neutralize before sitting back into child’s pose.

Yoga Pose Camel

Yoga Pose – Camel

Garland Pose (Malasana)

This low squat opens up the hips and while stretching your ankles, hamstrings and back. This posture aids in digestion as well as keeping your pelvic and hip joints healthy and mobile. As a grounding pose, malasana calms the body and allows energy to move within one’s self.

How to get into it: Place feet a little wider than your hips, bend your knees to squat down ensuring your knees don’t go past your toes. With your hands in prayer, use your elbows to press your knees wider.

Yoga Pose Malasana



Happy Baby (Ananda Balasana)

Since we tend to walk and move more when visiting a new city (so much to see, so little time!), our legs get a lot of forward motion. To balance that out, happy baby stretched the inner and outer thighs and while stretching the hamstrings and relieving the lower spine. Happy baby pose calms the nerves and relaxes the mind and is the perfect pose after a stressful day or to prepare for bed.

How to get into it: Lay down on your back and bring your knees into your chest. Let your knees go wide as your hands reach around the outside of your feet, elbows inside of your knees. Keep your feet flexed and your spine long. Option to gently rock from side to side, bending one leg while straightening the other leg to deepen the inner thigh stretch.

travel yoga happy baby 1

Happy Baby

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Top 5 Yoga Poses for Traveling

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Preparing for Lake Placid


I hate the cold and never participated in any winter sports besides building a snowman. Even then I would run inside, take a hot shower, make some hot cocoa, and sit with a book by the fireplace. My husband has been talking about going on a ski vacation for the past six years. I explained that between an old right knee surgery and having Raynaud’s phenomenon, I wasn’t exactly thrilled on sliding down a mountain in the freezing cold. Alas, Jason’s birthday is in the beginning of January. I strive to make him a happy husband. One of the reasons why I married him is because he pushes me to do new things and to break through the barriers I often place on myself. Although I am a little scared to ski, I try not to let fear and apprehension be a limiting factor in my life. (I was afraid of dogs, remember?) So, I booked Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort on Groupon and told him we are going skiing for his birthday. He went to his parent’s house and collected his ski gear from their basement. I, on the other hand, didn’t even have a waterproof jacket. Here is some information I compiled while preparing for our trip…


I will be renting my skis, boots, poles, and helmet. Jason has his skis and boots, and will be renting poles and a helmet. We are purchasing ski goggles on Amazon. They have many different types and styles of gear, way outside my scope of skiing knowledge, but we did consider renting skis and poles in our home state, and transporting the equipment up to Lake Placid. We opted against that decision since I am a beginner, and I rather use the gear that they provide me should anything malfunction. For those that have some experience, you may find it more financially beneficial to rent gear locally and transport to your destination, or purchase your own gear. They also have websites where they can ship your gear straight to your hotel.


This is the most important for me since I don’t tolerate the cold well. Start with a base layer. I love Under Armour’s ColdGear. I have a mock long sleeved waterproof base layer that will wick away sweat and keep me warm. The next layer is a fleece layer, to provide extra warmth. Then, you want a waterproof jacket, or shell. My in-laws purchased me the Columbia Bugaboo jacket (pictured below), which has a fleece layer and a waterproof shell. It is incredibly warm and my new favorite winter jacket.


On your bottom half, you either want a snow bib or snow pants. Make sure they have insulation and are waterproof. My sister-in-law purchased the Columbia Bugaboo snow pants for me for Christmas. They are super comfortable. You must not forget your ski gloves. You want them to have a drawstring so you could pull them tightly around your wrist to not allow snow inside. I found an inexpensive pair at BJs, and they provide the warmth and are waterproof.

Wool socks that are breathable, warm and odor fighting are imperative for skiing. They are around $17, but will be well worth keeping my feet warm on the slopes. Don’t forget to protect your neck. A balaclava ski mask protects your neck and most of your face. Some people buy a wool buff or neck gaiter. I am opting for more coverage, so I will be wearing a balaclava.

Trails, Lifts & Lessons

Know the mountain in which you are skiing. I look at trails and conditions, and research what days and times are available to take ski lessons. Lessons are highly recommended for beginners. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and genuinely concerned for my safety, so I want a professional to show me the basics. Lift tickets can also generally be purchased online. Check websites often to stay updated.


20170107_173743You better believe I will be bringing hand and foot warmers. Keeping warm is my number one priority. I am also bringing Gu Energy Gel, mini Clif bars, sunscreen, and pocket tissues. These will be kept in my Bugaboo’s pockets while we are on the mountain.

Plan B

God willing, I will ski and have a wonderful time. YOLO, right? If skiing isn’t my thing, we have Plan B. Lake Placid offers a plethora of activities including snow shoeing, ice skating, bob sledding, and tubing. We have been researching some activities at Mt. Van Hoevenberg, too.

We picked Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort since it has great amenities (indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, steam baths) and boutique shopping adjacent to the hotel.  It will be nice after a day of activity to relax. Golden Arrow is right on Mirror Lake, which offers dog sledding. I love dogs, so this will hopefully be checked off my Plan B list.

I have also scoped out some places for grub and brewskis. The Lake Placid Pub and Brewery is on our must-go list.


What is your advice for a first-time skier? For someone who has never ventured to Lake Placid? Provide some of your own tidbits in the comments below.

I have a feeling this trip will be unforgettable, hopefully in a good way!