That’s What I Do, I Drink & I Know Things


Now I have the perfect rebuttal to my husband when he asks me what I am doing as I ferociously type on the computer. I’m going to hold up my new glass given to me by Integrity Bottles, that reads That’s What I Do, I Drink & I Know Things famously stated by Tyrion Lannister on HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. He will quickly get the message that I am blogging away! (And I will ignore his eye roll.)

Integrity Bottles is where you can purchase drinkware and bottles with well-known quotations from Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Harry Potter. Integrity Bottles also has patriotic glasses, perfect for law enforcement and military members, and these beautiful crackle and bubble tribal sea turtle and heart glasses. Their drinkware list is extensive featuring beer, wine, whiskey, margarita and shot glasses, coffee mugs, pocket flasks, mason jars, Moscow mules, and tumblers. Wine, liquor, and water bottles also are for purchase. Price points start at $14 for a whiskey tumbler through $80, for a set of four stainless steel etched wine glasses.


Pinot Noir & Dogs, what could be better?

I felt super sassy drinking my Pinot Noir in my new wine glass. I snapped a picture to show you my day to day chaos. Bailey, playing games asking me to go inside and outside every 15 seconds, and Heath, my sidekick… The saying, “That’s what I do, I drink and I know things” is so relevant to a dog loving blogger! (And kudos to Integrity Bottles for packaging the glass so well!)

There is truly something for everyone. Integrity Bottles screams GIFTS” as we all have that friend and/or family member that intently watches their beloved television series, who is in law enforcement and/or the military, or loves turtles, hearts, witty sayings and/or elegant designs.


Game of Thrones Collection

I don’t know about you, but I anxiously await Game of Thrones premiere; I put a reminder in my phone and set the DVR, just in case I am running a few minutes late from my extracurricular activities. The Game of Thrones glasses by Integrity Bottles are bestsellers. There are so many options to choose from (lettering, glasses & sayings), bringing you full customization at your fingertips. Some of my GoT favorites:

God of Tits & Whiskey (perfect for your female friend that enjoys Jack or Johnnie)

Mother of Dragons (great gift for your bestie who has kids)

Hold the Door


King in the North

Winter is Coming

You Know Nothing Jon Snow (I say this when people don’t “get it”)

I’m Not a Princess, I’m a Khaleesi

And mine, That’s What I Do, I Drink & I Know Things (blog and wine, baby!)

So, how does Integrity Bottles create such masterpieces? The wording is sand carved by hand with a powerful sandblaster into the drinkware to create a smooth, crisp design. Sandblasting is permanent and will not fade, or disappear in the dishwasher, unlike other glass designs. (It is best if you hand wash the black enameled glasses.) There are no chemicals used during sandblasting.


For the animal lover…

I would strongly recommend creating an account with Integrity Bottles. They have a customer rewards program in which you can earn points to use on your purchases (simple things like adding your birthday, liking them on Facebook, sharing their website on Twitter, and following them on Instagram @integritybottles). Integrity Bottles appreciates your business; they really strive to make your experience on and off their website pleasurable. (As I gaze at my beautifully etched wine glass…I really DO know things!

Integrity Bottles is run by military veterans and former law enforcement. Their motto, Etched with Honor, spoke to me as I am a police officer’s wife, and I too, value integrity and honor in all my life endeavors. I thank Jamie, their Creative Designer and Master Blaster, and Zachary, her loving and supportive husband, for giving Realm of Vibes the opportunity to feature your product!


Crackle Wine Glass with Sea Turtle

For our loyal readers and customers, use coupon code IntegrityVibes at checkout from Integrity Bottles. You will get 10% off all products. The coupon code can only be used once and has no expiration date.

Disclosure: Integrity Bottles sent me a beautiful etched stemless wine glass complimentary for a featured review on Realm of Vibes and post on social media outlets. All opinions within are authentic and honest. Have you considered featuring your business or service on Realm of Vibes? Please visit my Collaborate page or e-mail for more details. Namaste.


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    • Ice cold sweet tea sounds SOOOOOOOO good right now! 🙂 Isn’t the crackle turtle glass pretty? Integrity Bottles really has some great things! Thank you for commenting; it means so much to me.


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