Experience my versatility and flexibility as you enter my realm of vibes. The realms include products I use, things I do and create, and places I go, amongst my experiences as a mom, occupational therapist, police wife, and dog rescue foster parent and volunteer. My vibe is one of peace, love, and harmony, with a realistic, fiery spirit and no nonsense attitude.

Journaling since I was a child has allowed me to develop my creative writing, which transitioned into having published over 200 product reviews. I have also been selected to participate in online focus groups for Fortune 500 companies. If you would like to have your company, business, brand, or service featured on Realm of Vibes, please visit my Collaborate page.

Why do I blog? I love writing and taking pictures. Whether it be a foster mom story, a poem, or a product review, I feel joy as I sit at with my laptop and feel the keys underneath my fingers. I want to help others. I enjoy watching change; helping a small business get off the ground, empowering a person to get involved in a cause, or just giving someone something to ponder. Blogging is a beautiful platform to reach the masses.

I hope to enlighten and inspire you. I want to reach your soul, help you to be your best self, make you contemplate my blog banter, and support others in their endeavors. Thank you for supporting my dream.