A Relfection on 2019

This year…

1) I lost almost 30 lbs. Lifestyle changes. Zipping my mouth and realizing food is to sustain life, not the other way around. Make exercise a priority. Eat simply. Live freely.

2) The Medicare changes in SNFs literally killed me. I became and occupational therapist to help people and the PDPM system is not conducive to healthy outcomes. #sorryimnotsorry After 7 years in geriatrics, I got a part time job in a school. #GodHelpMe We shall see where this road leads.

3) I became an AFAA-GCFI and Barre Above instructor. In 2020, I am becoming Balletone, YogaFit, and TRX certified. I need a backup plan incase OT fails.

4. Jason has worked harder than ever. He is an amazing man, one I am truly happy to call my husband. He is a great provider and father.

5) Emilia seeiously transitioned from baby to toddler. She is now 18m old and I just can’t believe this little person. She is my little person. She is beautiful and super smart. I created something so special. She is my entire life.

6) Seriously thankful for the companies that have supported Realm of Vibes. I have gotten so many products to review and have truly enjoyed helping businesses grow.

This decade was amazing; Jason and I met, got married, bought a home, rescued 2 dogs (fostered 17), had Emilia and a partridge in a pear tree. Life has been good to us.

2020 — Keep me heading in the right direction of following my long term goals – my dreams, my aspirations. Keep my husband safe. Protect Emilia. Let her grow into a beautiful little toddler. Give Emmy all my smarts. Keep B and G healthy. My dogs are incredible creatures.

Blessings to my family and friends,

Happy New Year! Wishing you happiness and health in 2020!



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