6 Yoga Poses for Better Sex

written by Bex

We all know that yoga is good for our health, and part of that health includes those intimate moments that occur behind closed doors when the sun goes down. Or in the middle of the day on the kitchen counter. I’m not here to judge! Yoga has been shown to improve your libido, and strengthen the intensity of your orgasm, by increasing the circulation and blood flow to your pelvic region. To get you moving and ready for your next rendezvous, here are six yoga poses for better sex.


#1: Happy Baby Pose

Begin by lying on your back on the floor, bringing your knees to your armpits while holding your feet. When properly held this pose will stretch your hamstrings and release the tension in your lower back. This pose is also known for reducing stress and opening up your pelvis, thus increasing the flexibility and movement in your hips.

#2: Downward Dog Pose

Begin on your hands and knees. Stretch your elbows as you lift your knees off the floor. Just the view that your partner will have of you in this position will be beneficial for improving your sex life! Showing off your assets aside, this pose is helpful in improving upper body strength and releasing tension throughout your entire back.

#3: Bridge Pose

For this pose you will begin on your back with your knees bent. Lift your pelvis off the floor and bring your thighs up parallel to the floor, forming a bridge shape with your body. This pose focuses on the muscles in your pelvis. This can help you gain better control over your orgasms and increase their intensity.

#4: Legs Up The Wall Pose

You can perform this pose with or without the wall, depending on your strength. Just lie on your back with your legs straight in the air above your shoulders. Be aware that you are bracing your weight on your shoulders, not on your neck. Shoulder stand poses, such as this one, are helpful in calming your mind and stimulating hormone production.


#5: Lotus Pose

For this pose you will sit cross-legged on the floor. With your hands pull both feet up and rest them on the top of the opposite thigh. Lotus pose is good for relieving stress and clearing your mind. It is also very good at increasing the range of motion in your hips, allowing your legs to open more freely.

#6: Seated Wide-Legged Forward Bend

While in a seated position, bring your legs apart as wide as you can. While keeping your spine straight, and feet flexed up, fold forward towards the floor. The deep groin stretch from this pose increases circulation to the pelvic region. This will help increase your libido as well as your hip and groin flexibility.

These yoga poses, and their benefits, are not just for the ladies either. Yoga can help improve sex for both men and women. So the next time you “Netflix and Chill” you might want to consider putting on a yoga workout instead!


I’m passionate about helping people live happily.  With an education in nutrition, personal training, and leadership, I believe in finding a healthy balance when it comes to helping people. I believe in living a full and healthy life, and laughing as often as you can.

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Meditation, Peace & Strength

I have practiced yoga since I was thirteen years old. I accompanied my mom to work at a nearby YMCA, where I would take a ninety-minute beginner yoga class with a short, brunette instructor named Mary. I was the youngest person in the class, surrounded by an encouraging, experienced group of yogis. I left before Shavasana every class. One Sunday, before class started, Mary asked to speak with me privately. She asked me to stay for Shavasana and explained the importance of meditation and fully surrendering both my mind and body after a yoga practice. I obliged, but I felt uncomfortable. “I’m just laying here!” I thought. “I could be on the treadmill!” I didn’t know how to meditate. Mary would gently press her index and middle fingers on my temples and quietly whispered, “Relax your mind. Think of nothing.”

I am so honored, and proud to announce, that Seeking OM, a Boston based artisan company, acquired yours truly as a brand ambassador to promote their exquisite crystal & gemstone jewelry. Their jewelry, for both men and women, can heal the 7 chakras and can empower you to be the best version of yourself. When you visit the Seeking OM website, you will be able to customize your own jewelry by stone (Howlite, Tiger’s Eye, Moonstone, Kyanite), style (plain, Buddha, Ganesh, sandalwood, lava stone) and size (small, medium, large). Seeking OM has a great motto: find your journey, find your true self. Their mission is to guide you to find a way of healing your chakra, physical and mental body.


My Amethyst and Ganesh gemstone bracelet has many shades of purple. The crystals absorb, conserve, focus, and emit energy for the set intention. A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal, used for making jewelry. With consistent use, crystals may become saturated with negative energy. It is recommended you re-energize the crystals every four days. To re-energize, you can rest the jewelry under a full moon, under Sun rays, or in brown rice or Himalayan salt. (Dispose of the rice or salt after use.) To clean your jewelry (recommended every two weeks), use a damp cloth (water only), and dry completely. Never submerge your gemstone jewelry, or spray colognes/perfumes, as that will not only damage the crystal/stone, but congest it.


What I love about Seeking OM’s gemstone jewelry is the complexity. Here are the components of the Amethyst and Ganesh gemstone bracelet:

·      Amethyst: protective and powerful stone, purple in color

·      Aides: protects from psychic attacks, turns energy into love, balances highs and lows, excellent for meditation, peace, and strength

·      Chakra: Crown, located at the top of the head, is the state of pure consciousness

·      Ganesh pendant: Hindu God, Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles, both material and spiritual


The Amethyst and Ganesh gemstone bracelet brought me back to my early years as a teenage yogi. Before I donned the bracelet on my wrist, I allowed myself to reflect on my personal growth and development regarding meditation and finding inner peace. My thirteen-year-old self didn’t value Shavasana. Her mind ran wild and she didn’t know how to let her thoughts go. Almost 18 years later, the woman typing this blog values her guided meditation apps, and allocates a few minutes each day to meditate. Before I leave for yoga class, I slip on Seeking OM’s Amethyst and Ganesh gemstone bracelet to serve as a reminder to let it go. And for Shavasana, well, that’s become my favorite pose.


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