I wish everyone a happy & healthy 2017.

My thoughts for this year: Open your mind. Embrace change. 2017 is a clean slate. Today is Day 1 of 365. Be productive. Adopt a dog. Volunteer your time. Donate your pennies, or millions. Take a chance. Fear is a useless emotion. Believe in yourself, and humanity. It will be okay. Read something interesting and write something powerful. Share your story. People want to hear you. Support an organization that challenges and fulfills you. Don’t stop believing in yourself. Laugh until your belly hurts. Smile. Get outside. Enjoy the fresh air. Take a deep breath. Life is good.

Realm of Vibes has a new page, Collaborate, to feature businesses, companies, and brands. Check it out. I am ecstatic that within three weeks of starting my blog, I have the support of a small business owner. Her products will be featured in the near future.

When I started blogging, a gentleman e-mailed me and told me to keep at it, to never quit, and that I can do anything I put my mind to… he told me to stay positive, be happy, and live free. I re-read that email daily. Words are powerful.

Thank you for supporting Realm of Vibes. My dream has become a reality.



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