Part 2: Lake Placid, NY – Things to Do

If you haven’t already, take a look at Part 1: Lake Placid, NY – Where to Stay & Eat.

This blog post features some of our adventures during our 4 night, 5 days stay in Lake Placid, NY.

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge

We love animals, so being able to see wolves, foxes, bald eagles, owls, and coyotes up close was really cool. We snapped a lot of pictures! The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge operates on donations, so make sure you leave a few dollars to keep this non-profit organization running smoothly.

Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex

I always watch the Olympics. We got at the complex at the perfect time; the Olympians were practicing ski jumping into the pool. We watched them in awe. Then we took an elevator ride to the top of the ski jump. It gave us great views of the complex and high peaks.

Olympic Platform

Olympic Platform in the Ski Jump Complex

Ski Jump, Lake Placid NY

Ski Jump Complex, Lake Placid, NY

Hiking Cascade and Porter Mountain

If you are not in decent physical shape and don’t have the appropriate gear, please don’t attempt the high peaks! This was grueling. It took us six hours to do both Cascade and Porter mountains. The conditions were terrible; muddy and high water everywhere. Jason and I are in decent physical shape and we struggled! If you can do it, I would recommend it. The summits are beautiful and we enjoyed a breathtaking view. There are plenty of easier, shorter hikes if this is too challenging. I would recommend getting outside and on a trail!

Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain

Fly Fishing

Jason visited the local fly shop, The Hungry Trout, and had the best day in his fishing career. He fly fished the Ausable River and caught (and released) over 20 brown trout. This is a fisherman’s dream!

Balanced Bodywork and Massage

I treated myself to a 90-minute massage and cupping treatment with Tim. It was one of the best massages I have ever received. I made sure to bring my AromaTouch essential oil, which made me feel super relaxed and calm. When I go back to Lake Placid, I will be getting another treatment at Balanced Bodywork and Massage.

Balanced Bodywork

Inside Balanced Bodywork and Massage

Shopping in Lake Placid

After my massage, I spent the rest of the day shopping in downtown Lake Placid. I purchased local olive oils, salts, dish towels, local brews, and other novelties. Each shop is unique!

Final Thoughts

This is a great trip for families, couples, and singles. There is truly something for everyone in any season. If you like the great outdoors, relaxing, adventure, and enjoy the Olympics, you would really enjoy visiting Lake Placid, NY. We will be re-visiting Lake Placid in the near future.

Have you been to the Adirondack region? What was your favorite thing to do?


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46 thoughts on “Part 2: Lake Placid, NY – Things to Do

  1. I’ve been to New York only two times in my life. Once when I was super young, so I don’t remember anything. Another time recently to help my cousin look for apartments. Neither time was I able to fully appreciate the state for what it had to offer. I’ve never been to Lake Placid, but from what you’ve shared, I would love to visit one day, especially to check out the Olympic ski jump site!

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  2. As far as New York, I’ve only been to NYC. It looks like there are so many interesting things to do there. I don’t ski – but that ski jump looks insane!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t ski either, and the ski jump we visited was from the 1980 Olympics. The actual jump itself hasn’t been used in years. Whiteface Mountain, however, you can ski down (if you want a death wish, haha!)


  3. I love reading everyones posts on what to do when you visit….. Even if I never make it to Lake Placid or any of the other places I’ve been recently reading about- I’ve enjoyed so much reading about it! Certainly makes me feel ready to travel- even if my current circumstances don’t allow me to…yet!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This was great! I have heard of the location many times, but I really don’t know much about it otherwise. It looks like a fun destination, and I’m pinning this one for sure.

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  5. Your trip looks so amazing!!! I’ve alway wanted to visit here and next May I’ll be in NY for my sons college graduation so I’m planning a visit here too!

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  6. I love the Olympics as well so this would be a great place to visit! And I would definitely visit the wildlife centre. I don’t think I have ever seen a wolf before! Definitely sounded like the perfect getaway!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Difficult. I consider myself to be moderately fit. My husband is moderately fit. I think what made it hard was the conditions – we were in mud and there were areas of standing water over a foot and a half deep. I think if there wasn’t mud and water, it would have been easier but you have to be able to do 11 miles uphill. Natures stair climber. Definitely do your research and train before you tackle Cascade and Porter (also – do both peaks, they run right next to one another)


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