Ruff Rescue Rope Review

If you look in my coat closet, you will see an arsenal of leashes. I have a leash for every scenario and size ranging from a 3-foot leather leash to a 100-foot para cord for when Bailey wants to take a dip in the water during a hike. Selecting a leash that “does it all” can be confusing, aggravating, and an expense!

Ruff Rescue Rope is the most versatile leash I have ever owned. Ruff Rescue Rope eliminates the hassle of tangled leashes and buying multiple accessories for your dog(s). One leash can do it all!

Ruff Rescue Rope

Ruff Rescue Rope offers:

  • 10-foot Multi-Function Leash (hands-free, slip lead, double leash)
  • 10-foot Multi-Function Leash  (hands-free, slip lead, double leash, harness)
  • Regular 10-foot leash
  • 6-foot Multi-Function Leash (hands-free, double leash, slip lead)
  • 6-foot hands-free leash (slip lead, hands-free)
  • Regular 6-foot leash
  • 6-foot Training Slip Lead
  • Multi-function harness (No-pull harness, traffic lead)

Ruff Rescue Rope

Ruff Rescue Rope gives back, too. For every 20 leashes sold, Ruff Rescue Rope pays the adoption fee for a dog out of the shelter and pairs them with a veteran suffering from PTSD or in need of a companion.

Ruff Rescue Rope

Ruff Rescue Rope leashes are made from rock climbing rope which is extra-strong, waterproof and durable. It will last more than twice as long as a regular leash.

Ruff Rescue Rope leashes are very easy to clean. Simply rinse the rope with warm water and swish it around in a mesh bag and continue to clean until the water is clear. Hang to dry away from sunlight and you’re ready to go!


I received the Ruff Rescue Rope 10-foot Multi-Function Leash that transforms into a hands-free leash, slip lead and double leash. The price is $34.99 USD.

Ruff Rescue Rope is excellent; I loved using it as a regular leash, a slip lead, and a hands-free leash. Although I do have an arsenal of leashes, I did not have a 10-foot leash, which is perfect to practice recall and for hiking.

Ruff Rescue Rope

Ruff Rescue Rope is one of the strongest, most durable leashes I own. I would trust this leash over any others for intense hikes, walks, or runs. After a muddy hike, it was very easy to clean in a mesh bag.

I like how Ruff Rescue Rope is environmentally friendly, too. You can learn how to adjust the leashes by watching the tutorials. I am not an auditory/visual learner, but it was fine since I could pause and replay as much as I needed.  I also came up with my own hands-free, double leash creation. The Ruff Rescue Rope is easy to adjust and change from one leash setting to another.

Ruff Rescue Rope

I would strongly recommend purchasing a leash from Ruff Rescue Rope. Not only will you thoroughly enjoy your leash, but you will help a dog get out of a shelter and go with a veteran. Thank you, Ruff Rescue Rope!

Make sure you follow Ruff Rescue Rope on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclosure: Ruff Rescue Rope gave me a 10-foot Multi-Function Leash complimentary in return for a review on Realm of Vibes and social media. All opinions within are my own. If you are interested in your products being featured on Realm of Vibes, please visit my Contact page or e-mail for details. 


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Pet Grief Relief – a Program to Cope with the Loss of a Pet

I am fortunate enough to say that I have never lost a pet. Okay, I lied. I forgot that I lost Chet, a Black Moore Goldfish that I had for two years while I was in grad school. He knew the sound of my voice and slept on the left side of the fish tank, right next to my bed. Even though he was a goldfish, I was sad he was gone. He was my study buddy, and always followed my finger outlining his tank.

Almost ten years later, I entered the rescue world, filled with dogs that are sick with viruses and mothers giving birth to stillborn puppies. Those rescues are the hardest, because you do everything in your power to save the dog’s life, and they just don’t pull through. Pets, whether they are with us for one hour during a rescue transport, or fifteen years, become a part of us. They become a part of our lives. Sometimes, we love them more than our human counterparts. How do we cope with losing them?

Most pet owners know that their animals won’t outlive us, and we don’t even think about how to prepare for the death of a pet. If you type “pet loss” or “pet grief” into a search engine, you will find some articles, but there are little to no resources to help you cope with your loss.

The last post on Realm of Vibes, 10 Ways to Cope with a Pet Loss, was written by Kelly Catalano, who created the Pet Grief Relief Program. I am fortunate enough to review Pet Grief Relief to help spread awareness about this program to help people cope with the loss of their pet.

About Kelly Catalano 

Kelly Catalano is a gifted Spiritual Teacher, Master Energy Healer, LOAC Life Coach/ Prosperity Guide, Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner/ Instructor, & EFT Specialist. Talking to her is like talking to a cool, calm, and collected older sister. Even though I’ve spoken to her for a few weeks, I feel like I’ve known her for years.

Several years ago, her family’s 8-Year-Old Italian Greyhound, Chloe became ill. Chloe’s diagnosis was terminal, and a difficult decision had to be made to either prolong the inevitable or put Chloe to sleep. Kelly and her husband did not want to see Chloe suffer, so they wound up putting Chloe to sleep.

Words can’t express how they felt. Putting their beloved dog to sleep took an emotional, physical, and mental toll, as they were not eating, sleeping, and replaying the series of events in their heads over and over and over again.

They found a video for grief of a loved one using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which is a combination of acupuncture, energy medicine, thought field therapy (TFT), and psychotherapy. After two 15 minute sessions, Kelly and her husband felt calmer and more relaxed. She created the Pet Grief Relief EFT Tapping program to help pet owners cope with the loss of a pet.

Kelly Catalano of Pet Grief Relief

Kelly Catalano, creator of Pet Grief Relief

Pet Grief Relief Program

Pet Grief Relief is comprised of 3 tapping scripts, the first to help heal grief, the second to relieve the guilt, and the last to pave the way for healing and recovery. A bonus EFT tapping script for stress around the illness or failing health of your pet. With the purchase of your program, you will receive access to the Rainbow Bridge guided visualization designed for you to energetically connect heart to heart with your pet on the spiritual plane.

Some of you may be wondering, “what is tapping?” I thought the same thing. Tapping is just that, tapping, specific pressure points while repeating statements and allowing yourself to really feel emotions. Tapping frees you from limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, old memories, and blocks in your subconscious mind. Tapping allows negative emotions to dissipate, and for you to feel more relaxed and calm.


EFT Tapping calms the sympathetic nervous system and works similarly to acupuncture. EFT and Tapping are non-invasive and only requires your time.

Program Options

Pet Grief Relief

Program #1: PDF Download, $97 USD

Program #1 is a fantastic option for those who can read and follow a script telling you where to tap. Perfect for solely visual learners.

Pet Grief Relief

Option #2: Audio & PDF Download, $147 USD

This is an upgraded option where you can follow Kelly’s soothing voice while following the script on a PDF. Perfect for auditory learners.

Pet Grief Relief

Option #3: Video & PDF, $197 USD

This is the program I received complimentary. This option you follow the EFT Tapping Scripts with Kelly in video format. I would prefer this option over all of the others since I am a visual kinesthetic learner. I learn by seeing and doing.


I first started by reading through the PDF which explains the Pet Grief Relief program, the story of how Pet Grief Relief came about through Kelly’s personal story, information and the different components of EFT, a diagram of the tapping points, and Kelly’s background information and credentials. You click on a link and are given a password to access the Pet Grief Relief Tapping videos.

The four Pet Grief Relief Tapping videos:

  • Pet Grief Relief Tapping for Grief
    • to help heal grief
    • Example: “This pain in my heart is overwhelming me” while tapping collar bone
  • Pet Grief Relief Tapping for Guilt
    • to help heal guilt
    • Example: “I have lost so much” while tapping side of eyebrow
  • Pet Grief Relief Tapping for Healing Recovery
    • paves the way for recovery
    • Example: “Maybe I can move forward in a way that feels safe…while still honoring my pet” while tapping under eye
  • Pet Grief Relief Bonus Tapping for Stress
    • designed to calm the stress and helplessness you may feel about your pet’s health and well-being
    • Example: “I am sad for my pet’s health” while tapping side of eye

Each tapping video is 7.5-9 minutes long and can be repeated as many times as needed.

Kelly starts each script with deep breathing. She encourages you to alter the script to your feelings and/or needs.

I find Kelly to be very calming and soothing. Her voice is relaxing and she makes me feel safe.

Rainbow Bridge Meditation: This ten-minute meditation is to connect with your pet on a spiritual plane. Kelly guides you through a box breathing segment, and then a meditation that you just can’t help but to feel extremely relaxed and calm. I’m not going to lie, I cried. When Kelly said, “Suddenly, here comes your pet over the Rainbow Bridge. Your pet is full of joy…You embrace your pet…” Oh. My. Goodness. This is a beautiful guided meditation that you could repeat over and over again to really spend time with your pet on the other side. I think that when pets pass, they are truly happy.

My thoughts: After each video segment, I felt like a different person. I love how Kelly integrates finding a comfortable seat, breathing, tapping pressure points with mantras that can help you cope with the feelings of losing a pet. I like how I have the option to stop and rewind the videos and access them at any time. Kelly always ends on a positive note and tells you how many times to repeat the script before moving on to the next one.  It isn’t time-consuming, and all you need is to have a place to sit and your computer. I recommend a quiet area that you can really relax and pay attention.

I have started integrating tapping during my morning meditation with statements such as, “I am strong.” and “I am going to have a good day, despite any challenges that get in my way.” I am a true believer in the EFT Tapping technique after following the Pet Grief Relief program.

Make sure you visit Pet Grief Relief on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to share the Pet Grief Relief program, for it can be a fantastic resource for those dealing with the loss of a pet.



Disclosure: I had complimentary access to Option #3 of the Pet Grief Relief program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions within are my own. If you would like your product or service to be featured on Realm of Vibes, please visit the Contact page and fill out the form. 

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What I Love about My Dog

I never wanted a dog. I was so afraid of them that my hands would tremble and my heart would pound out of my chest, even at the sight of a five-pound Yorkie. (You can read more about my fear of dogs here). “If it is going to bite me, I don’t want to know about it,” I would think, as I close my eyes and enter a fetal position. The fear was most certainly real. Then, I met my husband. He made it very clear he wanted a wife, a truck, a house, and a dog. Fast forward almost 3 long years later, my dog, Bailey, is sleeping soundly on my feet as I type this blog post. I love her. She is my best friend and the reason I get out of bed every day (hello 7 AM wee wee time).

Have you ever considered a canine companion? I was afraid of dogs and now I don’t know what I would do without Bailey. Why? Continue reading…


My dog, Bailey

She is always happy.

I can come home from the crappiest day at work and she greets me with her tail wagging and butt wiggling. The stresses of my day suddenly disappear when I see her excitement to have me home.

She keeps me healthy.

Every morning, Bailey sits on my feet as I drink my coffee. She paws and nudges my legs then runs to the door then runs back to me and sighs. She wants her morning walk. I wake up an hour earlier to take her on a thirty-minute walk before work. I leave my phone at home, and take the time to enjoy the outdoors with Bailey.

Adventure with my Dog

She practices non-judgment.

Do you really think she cares what I look like as parade down the street for our daily walk in my fleecy pajamas and sorority letter sweatshirt from almost ten years ago? And newsflash, that coffee mug I’m carrying, doesn’t have coffee in it. Bailey gives zero cares, and quite frankly, so do I.

She is my sidekick.

I must admit, I am super happy she doesn’t follow my husband. For a man who wanted a dog, he got a part-time friend. She is my sidekick and follows me wherever I go.  I love having my trusty companion with me and know that I am loved.


Bailey loves to hydrate

She is a fierce protector.

It isn’t easy being a law enforcement officer’s wife. You spend a lot of time alone. I like being alone, but when you are alone and awakened at two o’clock in the morning, you are happy when your dog starts barking, alerting whomever it is, that she is present. I truly believe dogs have a sixth sense and will protect his or her owner.

She reads me like a book.

If I am happy, she is happy. She wags her tail and paws at me. If I am sad, she licks my tears away. If I am angry, she retreats to her dog bed, lies down, and looks at me, as if to say, “Are you done yet, Mom? Life is too short.” Whatever my emotion, she reads me and finds the perfect way to respond to my every need.

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

She is fun.

Let’s rip open a new toy! Let’s go for a hike! Let’s play fetch! She is ready for anything at any time. She can’t contain her excitement for adventure, and neither can I. We have fun together. She teaches me to never pass up a fun, or new opportunity.

Final Thoughts

I love my dog. Bailey is truly my best friend.

I don’t know what I would do without her by my side.

Share what you love about your dog in the comment section. (If you don’t have a canine companion or a pet, what are you waiting for?)


What I Love About my Dog

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How to Run with your Dog

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no cost to you. This commission helps sustain running Realm of Vibes. 

I love running with my dog, Bailey. Some people would classify my “running” as a light jog or brisk walk, but we have a lot of fun exercising with one another while getting our Whistle and FitBit activity minutes. Whether you are just starting out with walking or are an avid runner, here are some of my tips for running safely and easily with your canine companion.

1.Get doctor and veterinarian clearance.

It is important to make sure you can physically handle exercise. Schedule a physical and consult your doctor about starting a walking/running program. Bring Fido in for a check-up and get clearance as to how many miles you can walk/run with your dog. Bailey is cleared to run up to 10 miles with me. When I was training for a half marathon, we ran up to 8-9 miles. It’s imperative that you start slow; make sure you do an adequate warm-up for both you and your dog.

2. Know your dog and plan your route.

I prefer running early in the morning, or 60-90 minutes before sunset at a park. I like a clear trail, opposed to running on the street. Some streets in my development don’t have sidewalks, so running with Bailey (or foster) can be dangerous. She also likes to run ahead of me, so that’s why I typically avoid street running. Depending on the season, you want to make sure your dog can handle the temperature. I like to run early or late in the day, especially during the hot summer months.

3. Get your gear!

I don’t know what I would do without my Tuff Mutt – Hands Free Dog Leash. The leash clips around my waist, has a bungee cord with a carbineer that clips to Bailey’s collar or harness. It has a short and large handle so I always have control over her movements. It is also reflective, so we are noticed by pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles on our path.

Tuff Mutt – Hands Free Dog Leash

Hydration is super important, whether you are going on a short or long run. I have a few different tactics for handling both of our water. First, I wear a Hydration Belt. around my waist. I usually fill one with water, and one with a sports drink. If I go on a short run, I bring a Collapsible Dog Bowl for Bailey’s water. Sometimes, I bring a Gulpy Water Dispenser which is a water dispenser. I clip it to my waist with a carabiner or I carry it for added resistance. Whatever you do, make sure you have enough water for both you and your dog and that you take plenty of water breaks!

Hydration Belt

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax is my go-to product before a run. It is easy to apply the hypoallergenic, nontoxic wax to Bailey’s paws, which gives a nice protective coating to prevent accidents on the trail. You know what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
4. Add some extras!

I love my Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband. I have been using a FitBit since it came on the market and helps keep me accountable regarding exercise. I like the FitBit Charge 2 because it has a relaxation setting where it prompts you to do 2 minutes of breathing exercises. I also like knowing which heart rate range in which I am exercising.

FitBit Charge 2

Bailey has a Whistle Activity Monitor. This shows how active she is throughout the day. We try to give her at least 60 minutes of daily exercise. It clips around her collar. When we had a pet sitter, we could see how long she was taking her on walks, and I could look at her stats from work to see if she is destroying my home. I think the Whistle is well worth the investment.

Whistle Activity Monitor

Final Thoughts

Running with your dog can be a great form of exercise! I know that after our runs, we both feel great, and get a better night’s sleep. How do you exercise with your dog? Leave a comment to let me know!


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Best Bully Sticks – GIVEAWAY!

*This post contains affiliate links and sponsored items. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission to help support this blog.

Bailey is my two and a half year old rescue dog. We became best friends the day my husband and I adopted her. Bailey is my confidant, my side-kick, my running partner, and my little realm of happiness in this crazy world. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work to see her excitement that I am home. I cherish my walks with her every morning and night. Bailey is a beautiful dog; she is energetic, fast, and mobile, which we attribute to her clean diet and exercise routine. Bailey is just like her mom; she LOVES her snacks! Her mom, however, always makes sure that she eats well and gives her the finest of treats.


Bailey with 2 of the 3 items from BestBullySticks

This week, BestBullySticks was kind enough to send me three items to review:

  • Bully Snack Bar & Training Treats
    • These are beefy treats suitable for dogs of all life stages. These could be broken up easily to be used for training. They are softer and chewy. Approximately 20 treats come in the bag.
    • Price: $6.39 USD
    • Thoughts: This was Bailey’s FAVORITE! She LOVED these! I posted an Instagram video (@realmofvibes) of my princess eating the Bully Snack Bars. I would absolutely purchase these because she scarfed them down! They don’t stand a chance in my house!bullysnack
  • Two – 12″ Thick Odor Free Bully Sticks
    • These sticks are 30-50% wider than BestBullySticks standard bully stick. My husband liked these in comparison to other bully sticks I have purchased because they do not have a horrid smell. Bailey is selective when she decides to indulge in these, but it took her close to two hours to chew from 12″ to 3.” I like that these are free of chemicals, preservatives, and additives. This is a fantastic choice for aggressive chewers.
    • Price: $4.99 USD a stick, but can be less expensive if you enroll in Auto-Ship
    • Thoughts: When Bailey decided to chew on these, she was a very happy dog. She laid on her dog bed like a primadonna and licked and chewed until her hearts content. I would purchase these in the future. The foster dogs would go CRAZY over them and they would be a great time occupier. bully
  • Ear Variety Pack for Dogs
    • This big bag contained 3 lamb ears, 3 pig ears, and 3 cow ears. The lamb and cow ears are lighter in color than the pig ears. These are for light to average chewers and contain no preservatives, additives, chemicals or hormones.
    • Price: $8.99 USD
    • Thoughts: Unfortunately, Bailey only liked the pig ears. She would lick and chew the pig ears instantaneously, but she would just carry around the lamb and cow ears in her mouth and drop them into her toy crate. Now – I donated the lamb and cow ears to the rescue. Dogs are similar to humans in the fact that we don’t like every food option in the world, right? Whatever you do, don’t throw anything out – please donate it to your local shelter. There will be a dog that likes what your dog does not.


BestBullySticks has a lot to offer. Their website is loaded with different bully sticks, dog chews and treats, bones, food, supplies, toys, dental treats. They also have products made in the USA and an extensive sale section. One thing I feel that BestBullySticks could improve upon is the quality of the packaging. The seal doesn’t work well and the Ear Variety pack bag ripped on the side. I wound up putting all of the treats and chews into large freezer bags. On the website, in small fine print, is says to put the treats in the freezer or refrigerator because they don’t contain preservatives. I would make the print bigger on your website and add this to the packaging. I like how all of the treats are 100% natural, approved by the USDA, and 100% digestible. BestBullySticks is located in Richmond, VA. I would absolutely purchase from BestBullySticks in the future. They have so many great products that Bailey would love to try!


BestBullySticks is offering a giveaway to TWO lucky winners. Each winner will receive the three items listed above. Contest begins on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 12:oo AM and will end Friday, April 7, 2017 at 12:00 AM. Contest is open to continental USA residents ages 18 years or older. Winners will be selected through The winners have 24 hours to respond via e-mail or another winner will be selected.

ENTER THE BestBullySticks


Disclaimer: I reviewed items from BestBullySticks in return for a review and posts on social media platforms. All views within are authentic and my own. Have you considered featuring your business or service on Realm of Vibes? Please visit my Collaborate page or e-mail to get started.  Always supervise your dog when giving any chew or treat as they can become a choking hazard.