Collaboration Requests

As you know, I love reviewing products and places on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, my blog.

Realm of Vibes is looking to collaborate!

Please e-mail me at to collaborate on the following:

  • Travel within on the East Coast (NJ, PA, NY, CT, CT, NH, etc.)
  • Toddler Items (toys, clothing)
  • Dog Items
  • Hot Tub Items
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Clothing
  • Fitness Gear – i.e. Booty Kicker, Tyger Mat
  • Books
  • Food
  • Household Items

Media kit is available upon request.

Tyger Mat Review

I absolutely love teaching TRX. It goes along with my grit and grace personality perfectly. The grit is the strength required as your body weight produces the power, and the grace is the cardio and core moves I throw in to get your heart rate sky high.

My classes are no joke. Ask my Saturday morning regulars & they will tell you how much my TRX Fusion class kicks their…each week.

My biggest gripe with TRX is that the set-up can be confusing to a beginner as the concept of vector angles and anchor points are foreign to most.

My main cues are: “Move your feet in!” and “Move your feet out!”

They want to know “How can I make this easier?” and “How can I make this harder?”

Enter the Tyger Mat, created by James Curley an educator, personal trainer, and CSCS coach.

What is the Tyger Mat?

The Tyger Mat is 72 inches long, 26.7 inches wide and has 17 lines, 3 inches apart. The lines are etched into the mat, so nothing will remove them. The Tyger Mat grips the floor, so you can use it with any modality and it will. not. move. Alignment dots are on each line, so you can position your feet and hands accordingly.

Isn’t this mat incredible? Look at the lines and alignment notches. Notice my sweat, too.

I brought the mat into the studio for a client who would benefit from the visual cues the Tyger Mat offers. She purchased the Tyger Mat right after the class; she couldn’t believe how me telling her “Move up/down a line” made a difference; she could visually see and track her progress in the upcoming weeks. (I wrote down the exercise and what line she performed the exercise at so she doesn’t have to play around with her positioning the next class.)

The Tyger Mat is gold for TRX, yoga, and any body weight exercises you incorporate into your routine. After class I had my clients take some pictures of me using the mat (what you see on the mat is SWEAT). The visual cue the Tyger Mat provides is unparalleled to other exercise mats on the market.

I am having a come to Jesus moment here. Look at the sweat on that mat!

If you have clients that don’t know where to put their feet to grade the difficulty of the exercise, or if you want to note your progress and intensity from week to week, the Tyger Mat is for you. I also love how body alignment is considered with the alignment dots.

I have used this on my concrete floor in my garage, and on the hard wood floors in the studio with no issue. You clean your Tyger Mat with a little dish soap and a small, non-abrasive sponge. Let it dry. Once it does, put it in the fancy Tyger Mat carry bag.

Purchase the Tyger Mat through my affiliate link, and save 10% using code realmofvibes!

Be sure to visit Tyger Mat on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You all know my integrity is everything. The Tyger Mat was gifted, but all opinions within are my own. And remember, the Booty Kicker is still $20 off and comes with a FREE Bender Ball through my affiliate link. Let me help get you in shape!

Booty Kicker Review

I am obsessed with barre workouts. I became an instructor through Barre Above, and started teaching in local studios and gyms near my home. When I was rehearsing my new choreography at home, I was using a STOOL. It made it nearly impossible to do anything involving my body weight since a stool would not be able to safely hold my body weight.

[Affiliate links below.]

Enter the Booty Kicker.

The Booty Kicker

The Booty Kicker is an authentic, portable, foldable barre that costs $80 when you purchase through my referral link.

The Booty Kicker is made of steel with nickel plated accents, and a hinge design for folding flat. (All you have to do is remove the metal bars, and it folds flat to be stored under a bed.)

The Booty Kicker holds 3 sets of weights, has rolling wheels, and gripping feet for both hardwood and carpet floors.

The articulating Ipad holder is sold separately, but a must have if you view your barre workouts on an electronic device. (I love mine!)

My Review

The Booty Kicker took my husband one hour to assemble. The directions are clear and concise. Neither of us got frustrated or wanted to kill each other during the set-up process, so that always gives the Booty Kicker an added bonus! (Nothing is more frustrating than struggling when assembling something!)

Booty Kicker Review

The Booty Kicker is STURDY. I can do barre push ups. I can do reverse chair pose. I can put my entire body weight on the Booty Kicker and this does not move a centimeter. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories where I show you my very humble, small home. The Booty Kicker doesn’t take up a lot of space and can fold to fit in a closet should I need it to. Otherwise, I pull out the Booty Kicker from the wall, do my workout, and push it back. Perfection! It also has storage for my hand weights (awesome…they are no longer hidden in my a closet).

The final assembled size of the Booty Kicker is approximately 38″ tall, 38″ wide, and 34″ deep. When folded, it is 34″ deep, 38″ wide and 5″ tall with weight rack (3″ tall without weight rack). The wooden barre is 36″ off the floor.

Booty Kicker

I like the Ipad holder so I can adjust the arms and position my electronic device to exactly where I need it to be to perform my workouts effortlessly. You can purchase the Booty Kicker and tablet holder together here.

It is only $80 when you use my referral link, so it is really not that expensive, especially if you are an avid barre student or instructor!

I am thrilled with the Booty Kicker. It allows me to create an authentic barre workout at home that I can bring into the studio.

Do you have a Booty Kicker? Are you in the market for an at home barre? Drop a comment below and make sure you are following me on Instagram!



Booty Kicker Review

Veyo Kids – 20% OFF Coupon Code

A special thank you to Veyo Kids for gifting Emilia an awesome purple Sun Hoodie & Sun Noggins hat! Check out my previous post on the Veyo Kids Mittyz and Winter Noggins hat here.

Emmy in her Veyo Kids Sun Hoodie & Noggins Hat

The Sun Hoodies come in 4 different colors (pink, purple, gray,blue) in sizes 2T through large. They offer 40+ UPF protection! ­čî×

The Sun Noggins come in pink or blue camoflauge in sizes small or large & offer UPF 50+ protection.

Emilia modeling Veyo Kids

I love how both items are lightweight, breathable, & super soft. Doesn’t Emmy look super fashionable, too?

This outfit is perfect for #hiking, the #beach, and days at the #pool!


Shop VEYOKIDS.COM and use


receive 20% off!

Disclaimer: Products were gifted complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions within are my own.

How many jobs do you have?

Hey, followers!

Isn’t this quarantine situation crazy? I hope you are staying home, washing your hands, and discovering a new hobby.

I wanted to do a Q&A since I have gotten quite a few questions on Instagram regarding who I am and what I do, both professionally and as a hobby.

[Edit: Affiliate and referral links below; purchases through these links help sustain Realm of Vibes.]

Some of the questions I have received are:

How many jobs do you have?

Several. First, I am a mom to a little human, 2 dogs and an LEO wife. These are my most important jobs.

Second, I am an occupational therapist. I work in a school two days a week and in nursing homes and continuum of care facilities as a per diem therapist the other days of the week if needed. (My Bachelor’s degree is in Exercise Science and my Master’s is in Occupational Therapy).

Third, I am an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. I teach barre, TRX, and general strength and conditioning classes at gyms and studios. (Have you purchased [affiliate] The Booty Kicker?)

Fourth, I am a blogger and freelance writer. I mostly write about health and fitness topics.

Fifth, I am a product reviewer. I have been doing this since I was a teenager. If you follow my blog and my Instagram, you will see some of the things I review.

Sixth, I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I love essential oils. Lavender is my go-to.

What are your favorite products to review?

I love reviewing anything food and fitness related. I also like anything that smells good, can reduce my wrinkles, or improve the appearance and comfort of my home. I enjoy getting new clothes but find it challenging to be a good Instagram worthy model. I also love reviewing books.

What do you think of MLMs?

Loaded question.

I absolutely love doTERRA’s products. I have been with doTERRA since February 2017.  I was really focused on building a team, doing vendor events in my community, getting friends and family to purchase oils and products, with very little return on all of my investment. (Some months, I would make $100, but most months, I was making $10; let’s be real.) So, I changed my strategy. I put all of my family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc., on my account. I split shipping and they get the wonderful products and I get all of the points to acquire freebies. (Most months, I don’t have to buy shampoo, conditioner, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, skin care products.) I feel that to be really successful in an MLM, you have to get into these companies early on, and even then, the market is so saturated. Every day, I get at least 5 messages on Instagram from a Beachbody coach, someone selling Monat, or Le-Vel’s Thrive, or Rodan & Fields, just to name a few.

I give the women that do these side hustles a lot of credit. It takes a lot of work, and I hope that they reach the success they desire. I know I won’t be walking the stage as a “Blue Diamond” at doTERRA’s annual gala, and that’s okay. I’m happy with using their products because they make me happy and I believe in them. (Lavender, baby!)

I am also open to testing and reviewing other companies’ products. Beachbody Coach Arlene sent me the Pumpkin Spice Shakeology (very good, compared to the other flavors) and Chocolate Cherry Almond bar.  They were both tasty! Am I signing up for them? No. Why? Because I actually have been making my own bars during this quarantine with NUTSOLA, to be honest. And $40 for 15 bars is a little steep for my budget. Do I have Beachbody On Demand? Yes! I love the workouts!

The same concept goes with the other MLM companies; I purchase PartyLite candles from Kristen Freedline semi-regularly. I love the scents of the tealights! (I also love the Lumi Candles 100% natural beeswax tealight candles, too. Andra is a female business owner that I love to support.) I love the variety and supporting both MLM and small businesses.

Erica sent a sample pack from Le-Vel’s THRIVE because I am super curious about their three-step program and patches. I can’t wait to try the vitamins, shake, and patches! Thanks, Erica!

I have tried many samples that I truly enjoyed from Rodan & Fields. I want to try a few of their products when I finish the products I currently am currently using.

I don’t see the harm in reviewing different products, giving my honest feedback, and if the seller gets some leads and sales from my post, fabulous!

Do you ever buy the products you promote?

My honest answer, sometimes.

I received 2 complimentary bags of NUTSÓLA to review. Jason and I INHALED the contents, so I ordered 4 more. I loved the product and it is healthy, and affordable, especially with there 30% off sale and free shipping over $30. Use code REALMOFVIBES for 15% off!


I also had the pleasure of reviewing the VOLO hair towel on Instagram. It is $40. I am not buying another one. I love the product, it dries my hair in record time and is super soft and comfortable, but I can’t find $40 in my budget to spend on another hair towel. May I purchase it as a gift for someone? Absolutely.

Get my drift? When possible, I will ALWAYS try to support the products I promote that are affordable and appropriate for my lifestyle.

Are your product reviews real? Do you ever promote something you don’t like? 

It bothers me when my integrity is questioned.

I have received products from companies that I have absolutely hated. I address these products by sending the company an e-mail telling them the problems I encountered with their product. I usually ask them if they want me to post my HONEST review, or, I thank them for the product, tell them that it is something I really can’t stand behind, hope that they will use my feedback effectively, and we both go on our merry way.

You will see on my Instagram that I posted a not-so-good review of a very expensive beauty product. It didn’t really work for me and my skin. It may work for you. It is what it is.

I’ll never stand behind something that I wouldn’t use myself. You will see both positive, negative, and indifferent reviews on my blog and social media outlets.

How was Misfits Market?

I am obsessed. A lot of the produce I received was really NOT misfit! I ordered the Madness box (the big boy) and received potatoes, pears, turnips, beets, oranges, tomatoes, parsnips, peppers, kale, apples, green beans, carrots, and brussels sprouts. All of it was ORGANIC and NON-GMO. Get 25% off your first box by using my code:


Misfits Market

In your IG stories, where do I get the items I see you using with your daughter?

I keep my (affiliate) Amazon storefront updated with the things I use and have promoted. Please use this link to purchase as it helps to sustain this blog.

Those have been the latest questions I have received through e-mail and social media.

If you have a question for me, would like to have a product featured on Realm of Vibes, or have any comments or concerns, please e-mail me at

Stay safe!