Red Jasper: Protection & Passion

Whatever I write about Red Jasper would not give it the amount of respect it deserves. One of the reasons why I wanted to become a Seeking OM ambassador was to further my education about crystals and integrate them into my life to promote good energy and vibes. I chose to write about my Red Jasper gemstone bracelet last because my mind kept racing about which life topics to integrate into my post…

Let’s begin with the details about Red Jasper:

  • Red Jasper: red with orange, yellow or tan undertones
  • Aides: gently stimulating, grounds energy, rectifies unjust situations, calms the emotions, stone of protection, supreme nurturer, balances and stabilizes
  • Chakra: Root, first Chakra, responsible for fight or flight, governs sexuality, stability, sensuality, and security
  • Buddha: Indian God bringing enlightenment and wisdom


And if you don’t already know about Seeking OM:

  • They are a Boston based artisan company
  • They create men and women’s jewelry which can heal the 7 chakras
  • You can customize your own jewelry by
    • stone (Howlite, Tiger’s Eye, Moonstone, Kyanite),
    • style (plain, Buddha, Ganesh, Sandalwood, Lava stone)
    • size (small, medium, large)

I’m Italian, and I have a Cornicello (little horn) and Mano Cornuto (index and pinky fingers extended, thumb on top of middle and ring fingers). They are worn in Italian culture to ward away evil. The Red Jasper gemstone bracelet reminds me of my cultural jewelry, ready to protect me from lifes curveballs and craziness.


I typically wear Red Jasper:

  • when I feel “off”
  • when I have days where I think, “Is it you, or is it me?”
  • when I feel like I am going to walk into a vulnerable situation
  • when my anxiety creeps up
  • when I need energy, and/or a metabolism boost
  • when I am having trouble making decisions

Red Jasper is my support stone. It protects from evil energy, relieves stress, clears the mind, guards against physical threats, stimulates passion, and promotes healing energies.

Red Jasper has come into my life during a period of change and uncertainty. All the Seeking OM gemstone bracelets serve as reminders for their intended purposes. My mind, heart, and hands are open; ready to receive Red Jasper’s guidance and protection.


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Disclosure:  I received gemstone jewelry from Seeking OM in return for a featured post on Realm of Vibes and social media platforms. All opinions and views within are authentic. Have you considered featuring your business or service on Realm of Vibes? Please visit my Collaborate page or e-mail to get started. 

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